06 July 2016


To tell the truth, I have days when I am extremely lazy to cook at home far too often, myself. Almost always, if there is a choice to dine at home or go out for food, I will choose the latter. Not only it means that I don't have to cook and clean up after, and not even because someone else is going to do all this for me. But because it will make me generally happier.

Every time you go to a favourite place to get food that you like, especially after a very tiring day, you become a little bit happier. The atmosphere is light and relaxing, you get to spend time with lovely people, eating lovely food, being looked after by more lovely people. To top it off, you don't have to bother with cooking and doing dishes yourself. What could be better and more gratifying?

Turns out, a lot. Enjoying dinner at home has a lot of benefits. It leads to healthier habits, brings families together, and gives satisfaction.

Healthy eating.

While cooking at home, you have full control over what you put into your food. The taste and quality of the food you eat is directly correlated with the quality of products you use. Even if you aim to cook wasteless, you still won't put tomatoes gone bad into your bowl of salad, unlike many cafes and restaurants that would simply disguise it, will you?

The process of cooking has an impact on your appetite because the taste of the food we eat begins with the way it looks. Fresh and colourful food will make you want to eat it immediately, and vice versa. Hence, your meal at home, will hundred percent be fresh and nourishing.

Make it a habit choosing healthier options for your meals. Good and natural food takes time, everything that prepares in a microwave within several minutes is not food and can't be edible. Never go for quick substitutes. If you struggle with free time, look up 15-20 minutes healthy recipes on the Internet.

It can't be said any more times than it has already been said that eating healthy meals will make you feel better physically. Feeling better physically will eventually make you feel happier.

Family time.

Food brings people together. Ever since the Biblical times "breaking bread together' forges relationships, helps overcome problems and gives joy. Statistics show families that spend at least two or three nights a week having dinner together at home, are more united, loving and happy.

A lot of the families I know eat separately most of the time because every member of a family has their own schedule. When kids leave for school, the dad only wakes up, and the mum gets an opportunity to calmly eat only when she gets to work herself. Same happens in the evenings, not to mention that occasional meetings pop up and you can't wriggle away from eating out with other people.

Unavoidable vicious circle vast majority of families find themselves today. It is impossible to gather the whole family at the table for every meal of the day, but it is absolutely achievable to gather for dinners several times a week.

We live in overly busy times, finding even an hour for the loved ones has become a real trouble. Unless we make an effort and make a little time for those we call family, some serious problems in communication may arise in the future, not to mention issues with health the children and other family members can start having while eating unhealthy food outside, to the extent of bulimia and anorexia. Dinners are a very good way to avoid this because you can easily control what your family eats. 

Family dinners let you study each other thoroughly. If you are a family, doesn't mean you know everything about one another. There are a lot of revelations you are about to face. Talking at the table, while eating healthy homemade food will reduce everyday stress and help create a healthy atmosphere at home.


Cooking food is in a way an antidepressant. If you ask me, what kind of housework I prefer - cleaning up or cooking, I will choose cooking non-stop. Firstly, because obviously I absolutely hate cleaning up, secondly because I really love cooking. Making food is relaxing and distracting.

Don't treat cooking at home as a duty, make it fun, because fun it is. Cooking with kids at least once a week is a lovely tradition you should start cultivating in your family. Share cooking routine with your spouse from time to time, where you are being treated to a homemade meal of their choice.

The worst part of cooking is cleaning up, don't let anyone hang the duty on you alone. Instead of running away to their respective bedrooms right after the dinner, the kids should help you and your other half with the dishes. And even if you don't need help, they still should, because responsibilities around the house teach kids to be more grateful and appreciative.

Listen to the music, while you cook, make up your own recipes, explore and be creative. It's fun!


Food occupies a big space in our lives. However, the family dinners have been badly hijacked by the food industry. Eating out is certainly quick, cheap and often tasty, but in the long run, it won't make you happy. Because it's also unhealthy, unthoughtful and impersonal.

Don't get me wrong I love eating out, very much. I have a variety of my favourite restaurants I try to visit regularly for my favourite meals. But in my family, Shabbes dinners and Sunday breakfasts are a must. If we get a chance to gather around the table more often throughout a week, we will absolutely use it.

Dining at home creates a friendly atmosphere, gives you healthy habits and brings fun into your home. Isn't it happiness?

How many times a week do you eat at home? How often do you have dinner together with the whole family? Any tips on how to inculcate the habit of having family dinners in the rest of the household?

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