19 November 2015


A man does what he can;
a woman does what a man cannot.
Isabel Allende

The woman was not created inferior to the man, nor was the man created to be greater than the woman. They were both created to have their own place in the universe and the balance of it has been shaken ever since the woman decided she was a man (with no balls).

Basically, women are to blame for everything going upside down in this world. Joke. Though many a true word is spoken in jest. The last 100 years have all been about women's rights and equality. Now, I am not a feminist. I do, however, fully support women's rights and legal and political equality. In fact, my dissertation in my second University was about women's rights and the history of feminism. As an epigraph to it I used a quote from a book by Valentine Pikul "Fovarit: His Tavrida", that is alleged to Catherine II: "Equaling the woman to a position of the man means humiliating and offending her."

By nature women are spiritually much richer and higher than men. It is believed women hold some colossal energy that is able, if used wisely, to do the unbelievable. Her sacred duty is to nourish her man's vitality - for her own advantage. Instead...

Women today are all about "Who needs a man anyway!" But practice shows everyone does, because women are capable of some truly nasty things when it comes to literally getting a man - no friendship or sometimes even family ties can be an obstacle. Yet when they do actually "get" a man, they do everything possible to suppress him and turn him into a "housewife". And eventually end up moaning how unlucky they are to have such a passive and spiritless husband beside her, forgetting that women themselves have bred a whole generation of such men. And men just started feeling comfortable, not having to bother, for there is no one and nothing to bother for. Because no matter what they do, when they come home they regularly end up being told how useless they are.

What is a pleasure in being with an unambitious, driveless man? But it's all in the woman's hands. A woman is capable of creating a strong, successful man as well as completely ruining him. It's all about priorities, whether you prefer to spend your life arguing over who is more superior at home, or you want to spend it next to a strong man. And if it's the latter, you need to understand one thing very clearly - you are the one who creates a strong man beside you, and no one else.

You can easily follow the trait yourself - most of the men achieved great success in life are either single, or have a really clever and supportive spouse. Most women look for a successful and responsible man, which is in their nature - they look for a man who will always be able to feed their children. However, practice shows you must look for a man with huge potential and healthy ambitions instead and feed his energy. You must achieve everything together - you have to go through a lot together to be able to respect and support each other. Just look at Victoria Beckham. I don't know any other example of a modern devoted and selfless wife and mother, yet she did somehow manage to make a great career! It is no secret Victoria is a remarkably patient and strong woman, and I sincerely believe that most of the success her family obtained is her doing. By standing with her man, taking and enduring a lot to her own and her family's advantage. And it seems like her husband saw all and today he appreciates everything Victoria had to go through.

A true and clever woman will always make her man believe it was his decision, even if the whole thing from A to Z had been plotted by her, and this is what I truly believe. She will always get her man's back in public and be gentle and reasonable talking to him behind closed doors in case he did something wrong. She will always listen and be a great support to him. She will always understand that the happier her man is, the happier will be she. Certainly, all this - for the man that is totally worth it and would do the same for you any time. Because nothing is one sided in this world, is it? For the men, in turn, it is very important to not suppress this energy in their spouse, but it is a subject for a completely different material. 

Men essentially need to be admired and believed in in order to "conquer the world". They need to know who they are doing it for. Being praised for doing little things, they start having overwhelming desire to do hundred times more. They have to feel natural happiness when they think about coming home every evening. Women are the same though, don't they? No one likes their wings chopped off, and it is always hard to pull yourself together and prove you're worthy after being constantly undervalued. So next time someone opens a door in front of you or intends to pay in a restaurant, smile at them and thank them, because women deserve to be taken care of by men. It is the balance of the universe - men must be strong, and women must be beautiful clever. We already have all the rights in the world (we might not, but does it really matter in your flat, alone with your man?), it is time to finally be women again - gentle, wise and dignified. It will pay off, eventually.
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