01 November 2015


 Our greatest glory is not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall.
Oliver Goldsmith

Being successful, or at least making an impression of successful person, is basically a modern social scourge. In a world where everyone strives to shine there are two types of people - those who obtain success, and those who complain why some have it all, while others get nothing. It is a psychology of the poor. As well as of the lazy. The easiest thing you can do is complain and blame your lack of luck and success on those who "have it all". Definitely there is such thing as sheer luck, but luck does love and visit most of the time those who work hard. 

Most of the tremendous success stories are romanticesed, often by those who pursue to sell them. There definitely are some exceptions, like Natalia Vodianova's story, for instance. Who presumably was discovered in her native town by some influential persona in fashion industry, while she was selling apples at a local market. It was a pure luck and the chance of her life which she firmly grasped. If she hadn't worked hard enough and fought for her dreams, she wouldn't have been where she is right now.

Life does give us all some interesting chances and opportunities, but it's solely in our hands to first notice them, and then make the most out of it and transform into something grand. Big and intoxicating success however can often make you lose your head. It is in a way a big examination and one needs all the wisdom in the world to keep and look after their luck. Because gaining success is only half an achievement - maintaining it is what is the hardest part and requires all the strength you are capable of.

Why do successful people never complain? 

Fact is most people don't like to work, let alone work hard. Some lack motivation, others give up not gaining immediate results, and some are simply lazy. Although they may be moaning all the time how much they work never realising that how ever much you work it is always not enough.

Whereas there is a category of people who work years upon years to get to the point they eventually end up at - through pain, nervous breakdowns, sleepless nights, multiple failures, rejections, humiliation, disappointment... And they don't necessarily like what they have to do for a living. Those people are simply highly motivated and strongly committed to results, they are focused and they don't have time to waste on envy, jealousy, bitterness and other self-destructive nonsense. Life is struggle, and they fully embrace this.

Everyone has their own path and it is important to be good at what you do, whether you are a top manager or a hair stylist. Standing still is not only not moving forwards; at some point you realise you actually degraded, because in perspective with those who's gone way more forward you clearly remained way behind. 

Psychology of a winner.

Unfortunately, most people assume that if their neighbour one day loses his job, house, car and wife, their life would magically improve. Typical pathetic, shabby and wretched psychology. I believe, luck is very often misunderstood as something that strikes you out of nowhere, much like in fairy tales we so used to like as kids.

Truth is, however, that Luck is a very willful and old fashioned lady - if you don't make first step, most likely neither will she. Often what is viewed as luck is, in fact, hours and hours of practice and hard work. People are overly quick to judge and it is always easier to justify own uselessness accusing others of being successful. Little do they know through what exactly "successful" people have to go before they can say they are content and satisfied, which actually happens extremely rarely, because winners are never fully satisfied - it is always not enough.

In order to become successful, one must start thinking successful. Those who believe that being rich and successful is shameful, those who don't admire and get inspired by the achievements of successful people will not likely achieve something big in life themselves. First step on the way to big achievements begin with changing your attitude.

Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.

It is by all means very important to be in the right place at the right time. Often it seems that many people work way harder for way less than others, yet never achieve same success. Well, I do believe that everything is relative in life and it very much depends on the personal goals of each and everyone of us. Someone's ultimate dream is to have a more or less stable job and quiet weekends with family and beer (not necessarily in that order), and they are absolutely entitled to it. But in this case they should never be jealous or judgmental of those who aim much much higher.

For some people it is never enough and it is the key point. They are ready and willing to sacrifice much, and take risks, work hard for their dreams and they are aware of the fact they often may end up falling flat on their bum. They are ready to stand up, shook themselves and move on. Because they know that the harder you work, the luckier you get. 


  1. SO TRUE! preach it!!

    absolutely love this post, it hits home so well and I totally agree with everything!

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