17 June 2015


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There are happy people out there, fact. Of course, everyone defines happiness in their own way - some are happy travelling, some love their job, some are happy bringing up children in a quiet countryside, some - winning cases in a court, some - writing stories, and some are just happy even if to others it seems they have nothing to be happy about. We only live once, and it is pretty essential to make it a happy one. In order to be really happy, you need to understand what things matter to you, what really makes you happy, and do all to attain those things in life. While everyone does define happiness in their own way and everyone's path to it is indeed different, here are some of my own ways...

1. Do not expect anything from anyone. It is better to underestimate, rather than overestimate. This is probably quite literally number one rule you should go by. People are used to judging other people by their own selves, waiting for the actions they themselves would do. Practice shows it's the worst way to be. The sooner you understand that people will rarely give you what you expect from them, the happier you will be and the less heartbreak you will get.

2. If you want to get, you must give first. Everything is interconnected in this world. If you want people to be kind to you, be kind yourself. Be supportive of your friends and family, say nice things, compliment and make others smile, don't afraid to be affectionate. You start feeling much happier and even stronger when you realise you make others happy. It is one of the best feelings - for me, at least. This might seem somewhat contradictory to the first point, for after all you still might not receive same in response. Be kind anyway. Because globally - what goes around, comes around

3. Stop hating and/or judging people, be happy for them. After all, their success is something they earned, they didn't steal it from you. Even if it looks like they are lucky bastards having it all, almost always there is immensely hard work behind their success. Your hatred doesn't affect them, it only ruins you! Instead be kind to others and yourself.

4. There are no guarantees. Working really hard won't necessarily bring you success - right away at least, work hard anyway. Because sooner or later it will bear fruit, and even if eventually it doesn't, at least you will know you did everything you could. It is in any way better than spending your life regretting the chances you didn't take, and the effort you didn't put.

5. Stop being grumpy. This is something I still have to work on myself. Grumpy people are all around us - in queues, in public transport, in cafes, in the streets and on the roads etc. Grumpy people = unhappy people. Whenever I have to deal with rudeness from people in public places, the only feeling I experience towards them is pity and annoyance. You have no idea how much complaint (unless you complain to your best friend - then it is obligatory thing to do, isn't it?) and grumpiness affect you and those around you. Have you heard about the Purple Bracelet Experiment where you basically switch wrists every time you catch yourself complaining, critisising, gossiping - and you must eventually go without switching wrists for 21 days and then your life dramatically changes for the best. I have been meaning to attempt this method for months now, and I do totally intend to one day. I might even document my experience on the blog.

6. Stay positive and find positive in things around. Take things easier. If you can't change the situation, change your attitude. Staying optimistic can be really hard thing to do. This is another point I still have to work on myself. But finding some humour to the things that seem unfunny at all can really make a huge difference.

7. Surround yourself with positive people. There is nothing easier than to begin thinking negatively when you are surrounded by negatively thinking people. This works perfectly the other way around as well.

8. Watch your language. Speak a beautiful and clear language (this applies to texting as well). Your body and mind is something you are forever to endure, and it is only in your hands whether it flourishes, or rots. When you think and speak beautiful, you become beautiful.

9. Drink lots of water. It is believed that drinking lots of pure water not only helps you keep fit, but washes all the depression and negativity out of your body.

10. Eat healthily, do sports. Feeling healthy will most certainly make you feel happy. This is no secret.

11. Get up earlier than everyone else. Early starts make your life positive and productive. Your sleeping pattern improves by 180. I - someone who would have never gone to sleep earlier than 3-4am - speak from experience. Ever since I started getting 7 hours sleep I started feeling happier - because my days have gotten longer, hence I now have enough time to complete all the tasks I "never had time for before".

12. Travel. Even if it's once a year, make it a different place each time. When you are old and bald, you will have something to remember, and it would be the times you were the happiest - seeing the world.

13. Read more. If there is something I can find infinite pleasure and happiness in, it is reading. Educate yourself. You will feel more confident knowing more.

14. Don't look for excuses. Everything is in your hands. Those who want - look for opportunities, those who don't - look for excuses. There is almost nothing unattainable. Most of your "dreams" can be realised within a week or two. If only you wanted.

15. Once a week allow yourself to not do anything. Everyone has weekends. Most of us have two weekend days. You are entitled to at least one day a week where you have every right to eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, watch, read, listen to whatever you want, go wherever you want and, just in general, do whatever you wish! Keeping diet, doing sports and generally working on improving your life quality can sometimes be draining. One day a week of eating junk and chocolates, staying in pyjamas all days, watching crappy TV will do no harm. That is if the rest of the week you work hard enough to increase the level of your life.

16. Love/like yourself. It is important to understand that you deserve happiness, whatever the race, weight, height, education or any other features. Accept yourself just the way you are, though never forget to improve the best of your qualities, never stop going forwards, always try to be better in what is your strongest points, and take on learning new things as well. Just remind yourself each day that you are wonderful!

17. Act happy. Acting happy will make you happy. Remember, even though, I do agree - crying in a Mercedes is way more comfortable than it is on a bicycle, still money doesn't make you happy, your job shouldn't affect your happiness, and so on. Good food, loving family, great friends, reading books and watching favourite films, sports and self-development, eagerness to explore is what really matters and will truly make you happy.

These are in no way rules to follow, just some conclusions I have come to in my attempts to improve the quality of my life and interaction with people around me. Like everyone, I sometimes fail, feel down and unhappy, forget to stay motivated and inspired, and like to pity myself. But I am getting there. Voltaire said, "(My) life is a struggle", but it is my life, and so long as I am willing to make it a happy one, and I know how - I am half way through, aren't I?

I really hope those advice could be of some help, and I am sure you have your own ways on how to stay positive and be happy, I would love to read those in comments, so please share away!

Talk soon, Naomi.


  1. great post!

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  2. This post is awesome! Thanks for the tips to happiness!

  3. Thank you for that post! Really enjoyed it!

  4. Great post !


  5. really love this! nothing makes me happier than traveling as well as music. i try to remind myself daily to be happy & grateful for what i have and that really helps :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

    1. It's the little things, isn't it? <3

  6. This is such an important post! I am really concentrating on happiness at the moment and it makes such a difference to just appreciate the little things. Sophie xx

    1. Happy you like it, thank you! <3

  7. happy! happy! happy! Thanks sharing!

  8. Im all about positivity so thank you for this great post :)


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