24 August 2014


In light of recent developments, there's a question that has bothered me a lot lately and I wanted to raise it on the blog. Have you ever tried to count how many times a day you mention "God" in your speech or even thoughts? "Oh my God!", "For God's sake!", "God bless you!", "God forbid!", "God this, God that!". I'm a religious person, I'm Jewish, and I believe in God. Moreover, I feel his presence almost in every aspect of my life. But, what is "God" for me?...

God for me is a certain spiritual power that lives in myself, guides me, protects me, teaches me, punishes me, and gives me shelter when I need it the most. It's something that is supposed to ease my life and those surrounding me, that teaches to love and be loved, to care for people (or at least not cause harm), respect yourself and others, not to lie, steal, kill, cheat etc - pretty basic commandments we all have heard about at least once. And trying to follow these don't prevent me from leading a good and interesting life, quite the contrary actually. But I refuse - with all my heart - to ever believe there can be a god that tolerates hatred and killing someone just because they are different in any way.

Yet in 21st century people kill each other fighting over who's God is more... peaceful. Over who's God is more powerful, on who's side God is, who's God you must believe in and other likewise rubbish. I've never understood why anyone can think they have a privilege to dictate me what I should believe in if what I want to believe in are the circles on a stump, still some people continue to have almost obsessive faith that they have every right to do so - because their god told them so. That's when you start thinking the world should be a religion free zone.

In the times, when so many tragedies, catastrophes, wars; Egypt, Rome, the Ottoman Empire, Crusade, Inquisition, Afro-American slavery, Holocaust, Apartheid, 9/11, Beslan and other religion and race based massacres, are all among the "experiences", the only religion in the world unanimously acknowledged should be Humanism. The only god people should believe in is Each Other! Because, if you want the truth, peoples that attack other peoples justifying it in any way - be it a notorious "offense" that for example radical islamists like to exploit a lot ("He started it!" "He offended me!" "He was first to attack!" etc.); or be it a holy confidence that it's exactly what your god ordered you to do; or be it a pure arrogance based on assumption that for some mysterious reason you have more rights to live than someone else - believe in anything but God.

The 10 commandments people used to live by thousands of year ago, are still the most basic for everyone to follow nowadays, the most commonly acknowledged as a way of life - something you should be remorseful for not following. These very simple orders were made to make your life better. However, the biggest irony of existence consists in ridiculous attraction of people to making their lives difficult irrespective of any commandments whatsoever. Please pay attention that there is nowhere mentioned "You shall kill if someone doesn't believe in Me" and other similar pile of fanatical rubbish. Any "religion" that tolerates hatred, murder, rape and other atrocities - is not a religion, it's a sect, and should be eliminated.

It's a trite thing to say, but it's terribly sad that due to the "game of thrones" the only ones suffering are ordinary people - those who simply want to live, love, work, travel, create, dream, eat, read and be happy. At the end of the day, it's not very important who started it, what is more important is who is wise enough to end it. If you want to make the world you live in a better place, if you want to make your own little contribution stop standing with that or this, because in any war there are no winners, there are only people suffering - from both sides. Simply stand with PEACE, and the Earth will respond.


  1. Girl, you are preaching to the choir. Amenn

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  2. Amen to this post, everything here is spot on. xx

  3. You're words are so true, i honestly couldn't have said this better.

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