03 June 2013


Ok, guys, this is gonna be serious! Your advice is needed. I've recently completed Nip Tuck series, which was a real disappointment - not because starting from season four everything happening seemed a bit too surrealistic and insane - but because, nonetheless, nothing has carried me away so much ever since The Big Bang Theory! I'm lost, I am craving for something new to watch - something as absorbing. Inside are some of the shows I have been advised, tell me more if you have watched any of this - what should I start with?

Strongly recommended by my sister.  Also, it has lots of seasons - which is quite important as I do dislike waiting for new episodes, I prefer watching all in one sit! Has anyone got something to say about it, apart from that the guy on the poster is too cute?

Ok, everyone seems to have gone mad over this one. Is it really that good? 

Scandals, intrigues and investigations - what can be more fascinating? Anyone?

A list isn't complete unless it has at least one comedy in it! Although, is it a comedy and worth watching it?

If you have any recommendations of your own, I will gladly check them out. Thanks in advance, lots of love, Naomi x


  1. Game Of Thrones IS REALLY THAT GOOD! You should totally watch it. After season one I also bought ALLA the books and read them. Really flattering stuff. YOU ARE GOIN TO WATCH GOT. Repeat it like a mantra (I'm just a little bit obssessed with it, I have to admit it).
    Another serie you can watch and I personally adore is Californication (with "Mulder" from XFiles aka David Duchovny). It's weird but funny.
    And another one I absolutely adore is Sons Of Anarchy. Really good made stuff, talkin about motorcicles gangster... You have to take a look on it too!
    That's my top three. But also The Walking Dead (all about zombies) or Vikings (all about vikings as you can assume!) are two really good series! (Ok, maybe you understood I'm a tvseries geek, just a little bit)

    Nadia from The Life In A Year

    1. Haha, thank you so much for taking time to write all of these! I will definitely check out most of it and I am definitely gonna watch GOT! See, I'm good at repeating mantras :D

      I've seen some of Californication before, can't say I was that impressed, might get back to it at some point, probably. As for The Walking Dead, I'm not a big of zombie movies and series, but thanks a lot for all the recommendations! :)

    2. Yep, Californication didn't caught me at a first sight... I had to rewatch it almost 3 times to take courage to go on... Same thing for Sons Of Anarchy's pilot, but this is definitly worth it, believe me!
      Keep on repeating the GOT mantra ;) soon you'll start repeat the "OMG I need more" mantra! ;)

  2. I'm going to start watching Game of Thrones soon to see what all the hype is about! Doesn't look like something I'd normally watch so we'll have to see. I'm usually into more girly things like Sex and the City or crime dramas.

    1. Sadly there isn't any other series like Sex and the City, cause I'd say it was something absolutely one of a kind, and I already know it by heart, so.. :)

  3. So nice post. Thank you dear! :)

  4. You haven't watched Game of Thrones yet?!
    dgljsdgsjgl This is one of those bandwagons you need to hop on. It's a lovely show. Everything from plot to characters and their development, to even the scenery is gorgeous and flawless. I adore it so much and I totally recommend it.

    Depending on what you like, I'd recommend Sherlock, Merlin, Hannibal, House (except late season 6 up until like the ending of House was utter shit, imo.), Dexter, Scandal, My Mad Fat Diary, and Wallander.

    Sherlock and Wallander are pretty much the same. Crime based shos that are based off books. The difference is that Sherlock really only properly works with John (and Irene) and Sherlock is a bit more dramatic. Wallander works with a team and is somewhat dramatic, but it's definitely more focused on the mystery behind each episode (where as Sherlock is more focused on the entirety of what/who Sherlock is, his relationship with John and the police, his emotions, and how he goes about handle each case...if that makes sense). Wallander is also longer. Wallander is about 45-50 minutes per episode with 3 episodes a season, whereas Sherlock is about 30 (I believe) with the same amount of episodes a season.

    Merlin is a doozy. Merlin is based off the tale of Merlin and his relationship with Arthur, but the show has it's own take on the tale. I can't properly describe it without giving it away, so I won't even try.

    Hannibal and Dexter are also similar in the aspect that the title characters are rather intelligent men (the former being a brilliant psychologist and the latter being a blood splatter analysis), but are serial killers. The major difference between the two is that Hannibal is a cannibalistic serial killer and Dexter is simply a serial killer who kills the guilty.

    I don't think that anyone hasn't ever heard of House (or House M.D) and if you haven't watched seasons 1-5...for shaaaame. It's such a good show. I love it.

    Scandal is...well, scandalous. There's way too much scandals going around in that show for me to properly describe it. Just know it involves an incredibly lovely black woman as the main character, politics, drama, cheating, et cetera. So good though.

    My Mad Fat Diary is a British TV show based off a real person and follows the life of 16 year old Rae who weighs 16 stone (or 224lbs) who just got out of a psychiatric hospital. I know that's not much of a description, but it's a nice show. I'm currently rewatching it along with Dexter and Sherlock. I'm always watching Hannibal.

    On a side note: All the shows you listed are great too. Psych happens to be one of my favourite shows ever (speaking of comedies, you should (re)watch Scrubs or Friends. Love those shows). White Collar is amazing too. And so much beautiful men in suits and I completely approve. And The Mentalist is something I liked, but don't remember too well, I'll rewatch it and see if my memory isn't failing me too hard.

    Anyway, hope I helped. [I'm a dork for shows.]


    PS: I almost forgot...Doctor Who is good too.

  5. I will def recommend The mentalis. even if you don't like that investigation kinda shoes, Patrick Jane's (the mentalist) one liners, sense of humour and his 'tea solves everything' mantra will get you hooked.

    Revenge is anothet I will recommend. Emily Thorne who is actually Amanda Clark moved to the Hamptons to summer there-thats what everyone think but she is actually there to avenge her father (David Clark) who was wrongly accused of terrosim. Its stars Emily VanCamp as Emily and Bloger Ashley(http://ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.co.uk/) as Ashley her frenemy


    1. Ohhhh my friend has recommended Revenge before by the way! Thanks for taking some time to make all those recommendations, gonna check out all of these! Thank you :)

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  7. Game of thrones is where your TV time should be ... the show is beyond addictive and thrilling.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  8. I hear people are obsessed with Game with THrones. I think I should start watching it as well. I hope it's good !

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  10. game of thrones! im just about to start the series since everyone seems to love it! haha

    & Pretty Things

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  12. I really love how I met your mother! it's a great tv show and very funny! and if your into anything supernatural I recommend vampire diaries and teen wolf! great shows!


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  14. Game of Thrones is an absolute MUST! Try 6 Feet Under after that. Then Dexter and True Blood. Let me know what you think on Twitter. ;)

  15. Arrested Development , Mad Men, old Lost episodes? , Pushing Daisies, ...

    So many good ones.

    Nip Tuck was too weird for me. I hate seeing people get surgery! haha


  16. I just discovered your blog and love it ! now following you on GFC. If you have sometime I hope you can visit mine and maybe follow back

  17. i haven't watched GOT but i heard it's that awesome so maybe i'll check it out too.
    WHITE COLLAR is great. it started off a little slow but the story line gets good.
    i started watching Nip Tuck when it first aired then i got too busy and quit. i have it in my netflix so i'll be rewatching soon.
    the others i haven't heard too much of.

    i am currently watching Desperate Housewives and 24. i like watching older shows and one's that are still airing just to see what i've been missing. i just finished watching the first season of American Horror story and it wasn't that bad. a bit confusing but it all comes together at the end.

    also check out Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead if you haven't already. 2 of my favs!


  18. Friday Night Lights. Really. One of the best tv marathons ever. There is nothing else to say, just watch it! One show after another.

  19. Oh - and Bones!!! Seasons one through five especially.

    I fully recommend getting the Bones starter pack (first several episodes) on itunes and go from there...one of the best shows ever IMO.

    I couldn't stop watching it once I did. Literally. It was that good to me. Hope you enjoy my two recs! I couldn't resist answering your rec suggestion quest because Friday Night Lights an Bones are such stand outs to me! I felt compelled! Love you blog, just found it!

  20. Oooh .. Suits is a nice one !! I can't stop watching it x

  21. I went totally mad for scandal, revenge and suits so even though they are not on your list that's all I can suggest :)



  22. GREYS ANATOMY! and suits is really good too! also, i just finished season 1 game of thrones- and it really is so great!

  23. I am addicted to NCIS. Tony is just hot to me. :)

  24. If you liked the first two seasons of Nip tuck, I believe you liked the unpredictability of it. "Breaking bad" shares the same factor. I love it.

    Nice blog!



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