Saturday, December 5, 2015


Each and every one of us is different and unique, and everything we believe in is equally different. If you think about it, it is initially wrong to pay too much attention to what others think since everyone has very diverse vision of what's right or wrong. Judging is in the nature of people. Judging others makes us feel better about ourselves and helps cover up our own imperfections. In fact, the more judgmental someone is - the more imperfect. You can't please everyone, and what is more important you don't have to. Trying to do this, won't stop  you from being judged, you are going to always have someone disagreeing with you anyway.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


A man does what he can;
a woman does what a man cannot.
Isabel Allende

The woman was not created inferior to the man, nor was the man created to be greater than the woman. They were both created to have their own place in the universe and the balance of it has been shaken ever since the woman decided she was a man (with no balls).

Basically, women are to blame for everything going upside down in this world. Joke. Though many a true word is spoken in jest. The last 100 years have all been about women's rights and equality. Now, I am not a feminist. I do, however, fully support women's rights and legal and political equality. In fact, my dissertation in my second University was about women's rights and the history of feminism. As an epigraph to it I used a quote from a book by Valentine Pikul "Fovarit: His Tavrida", that is alleged to Catherine II: "Equaling the woman to a position of the man means humiliating and offending her."

Monday, November 9, 2015


People used to be intelligent and well educated back in 19th century, way more than today - the times of unlimited possibilities and global progress. Paradox but true.

It was my exact thought when I started reading Sherlock Holmes: The complete collection the other day, and stumbled upon a paragraph that said: "...Deceit, according to him, was an impossibilty in the case of one trained to observation and analysis. His conclusions were as infallible as so many propositions of Euclid..." Last time I read the stories about Sherlock Holmes was at the age of 13 or 14, naturally the level of comprehension at my current 28 is completely different. First question that came on my mind was "Hm.. How many people in 21 century know who was Euclid?" And the more I read, the more similar questions kept occuring.

Young students mostly don't like to read classical literature, because they falsely assume it is boring. And if you try googling "classical li..." the option "classical literature" comes up third in the row, right up after "classical liberalism" and "classical languages", which in my opinion is very sad. Not that liberalism and languages in their classical appearance are not interesting - very interesting indeed - yet apparently it's what excites people of 21 century way more than classical literature. Or literature at all for that matter.
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